Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Kartun Upin Ipin - New Episode Anak Harimau

Kartun upin ipin - Voila! Long time to wait, les'copaque present a new katurn upin ipin episode : Anak Harimau.

kartun upin ipin piture1
This new season kartun upin ipin episode, Anak harimau, will show first on tv9 at 7 June 2010. Do not missed the episode guys and let see what new from upin ipin's adventure on this episode.

To know how the episode goes, you can download the promotion of kartun upin ipin episode "Anak Harimau" below:

Download upin ipin episode Anak Harimau.


KARTUN UPIN IPIN : Download New Season Episode - Anak Harimau

kartun upin ipin new season episode
A great job of les'copaque and team creative of upin ipin animated cartoons film. The new season episode of kartun upin ipin named "Anak Harimau" have a great respons from upin ipin's fans. These edicational and entertainment kartun are always be waited by the fans for their new seasin episode.

These new season of kartun upin ipin, ANAK HARIMAU, tell us about a new adventure and life story of upin ipin dan kawan kawan. These is a good job. Kartun upin ipun on their film always presenting a new fresh suprise and great story. You can download upin ipin episode Anak Harimau ( Promotion ) to see their action in this new film.

To download upin ipin episode Anak Harimau, go to download upin ipin fans and upin ipins news. video upin dan ipin, here..


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